Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tournament Sep 9, 2017 at Swan Lakes

9 Hole Golf Tournament  8 a.m.
18 Hole Putting Tournament  10 a.m
Pitching Wedge Tournament
Choose one or all three tournament and a Buffet Lunch

Contact Wayne Reynolds at 801-900-1298 or
Sharolyn Wignall 801-628-2843

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Upcoming Events

NW Rotary's famous fudge
1 lb - $10
1/2 lb - $5
Call to order:
Patti 801-663-8684
Sharolyn 801-628-2843


Monday, January 18, 2016

We Need You!!

Please join us at our Rotary Club Meetings and get involved with some fun projects coming up!  We have the Bluff where we join with other volunteer teams in building a home on the Navajo Indian Reservation over Spring break. Also, the community Garden is right around the corner! All the produce is donated to those in need whether it be the Utah Food Bank or locals who could use a bag of fresh tomatoes. We also have the coat project in the Fall.
Second and Fourth Tuesdays at 5:00 @ Davis Community Learning Center  210 E. Center St. Clearfield

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas Refugee Family

As always Christmas was the best yet as we were blessed with the opportunity to help provide gifts both necessities like blankets, clothes, and kitchen supplies and even some fun stuff like toys and art supplies to this darling family! Thank you everyone who joined in the efforts! We never could of pulled off the successful project we did with out your help. So a big kudos to Anne for organizing it all, Interact club for delivery, Rotary members for collecting and wrapping, and good hearted community members for donating goods.

I wish I could upload a good picture of the family. I know you all understand I can't due to protection guidelines. I loved hearing from the mouth of Santa's Elves (Interact Club) just how special it was. Their eyes filled with tears as the special surprise was brought into their small home. Those darling big eyed, round faced children couldn't contain their excitement. This was more wealth than they have ever seen. America...truly the land of the free and home of the great!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NW Rotary Fudge

NW Rotary FUDGE!!!  Yes!  It's Finally Here!!! Make your orders by calling or texting 801-663-8684  These make very nice thank you gifts and member invitation gifts!  You may just want to order some for your own sweet treat! Each order will be promptly handled and you will receive in 5-10 business days so order now for the Holidays!! Shipping is FREE. Fudge keeps fresh 4-6 weeks in fridge and 6 months in freezer.

Now enjoy browsing through the pictures as you learn our fudge making enjoyment!!
                                     The club members fold and assemble all the boxes waiting for the fudge. 
                    Each box contains valuable information of ingredients and reorder information.
 Some of the members received food handler permits! They put on their gloves and nets and                                                                              went to work!
 After each 1/2 lb. fudge block  is weighed individually and set upon a fluted paper liner it is gently placed in a beautiful white box and sealed with the Rotary seal of APPROVAL!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bluff House Building Project

This project happens every Spring on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Our Rotary Club and Interact Club join together with other volunteer groups and work on a house doing whatever the stage of the house is in when we get there. This year our work involved quarrying limestone and plastering the house.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sponsoring Davis Community Interact Club

Our future is in good hands with these born leaders. One of the coolest highlights of being a member of the Northern Wasatch Rotary is watching the youth learn to lead, serve, and grow in character. We have the best youth. On December 23rd our Interact kids went and delivered blankets to the Davis Hospital Children's Center.

Then we drove up to the Utah Food Bank Family Connection Center and they stocked the shelves with canned food. This not only was an eye-opening experience but filled their hearts with goodness growing just a couple sizes bigger that day. Christmas is certainly a time for generosity and joy!!